Welcome to bromelli.

Your dog is an important member of your family and like the rest of the family needs protection from the harsh Australian sun. At bromelli we believe your dog’s health is important and protecting them from the sun is essential to having a happy, healthy pet.

Made to measure bromelli sunsuits will help in protecting your dog from common skin cancers caused by too much sun exposure and may assist in the prevention and relief of contact allergy.

Welcome to bromelli.

Different types of suits

Does your dog like the rough and tumble of life?

Is your dog a swimmer?

bromelli suits are custom made to make sure the fit is perfect for your dog and their lifestyle.

Australian Made

bromelli has been proudly making suits for dogs since 2005.

Helping our best friends be protected from the sun!

Photo Gallery

Please send us photos of your favourite four legged friend  in their suit and we will put them on our poster pooch wall of fame.