Photo Gallery

This is Vito from California. He has been one of our most loyal clients and we think he looks great in his navy suit!

Miss Milly looking pretty good in her hot pink suit.

Some of us are just ‘ruff’ on our clothes and need ‘Tuff stuff denim’.

Some days you just have to get ready to go to the beach!

…. and check out the surf!

Other days you just cant get your mind off that ball!

Cool fit!


Do I look good in red?

Taking care of our skin is a serious business

Zoe, The girl that started it all!

Trouble Chapman- Is no trouble at all outside in his new suit!

All bromelli suits zip up the back for best protection of the belly and comfort for the dog.

THis gentleman is Ned. Looking very smooth in his grey marle suit.

This is Whoopi. Whoopi looks like she is wearing a great pair of boots!

Aaahh Joey. You are such a beautiful boy!

Muppet with the very smiley face!

Sky looking ready for some fun!

Koda looking pretty smart.

This is Wiley trying out the new vibrant blue!.

This is a good pic of how the suits do up along the back of the dog. This is so the fit is most comfortable for the dog and there are no rough elements on the delicate underbelly of the dog.

This is Austin and he is a Puli show dog. His owner has got him a suit to protect his coat from getting dirty and matted.

Some breeds do shed an incredible amount of fur so some owners have purchased suits for their dogs for going in the car!

This is the type of contact allergy rash that can be prevented by the use of one of these suits.

WE often get asked how these suits work on boy or girl dogs. The girl dogs suit is cut away around the back so that they can toilet. They boy dogs have a hole in the appropriate place. Either way the belly is protected as much as possible.