About bromelli

At bromelli we have been helping to protect our best friends from the sun and contact allergy since 2008.

bromelli sun suits are made to measure suits designed to cover those areas of the dog lacking any pigmentation and with little or no hair. The area most likely to need protection is the under belly.

This is also one of the most likely areas to be affected by contact allergy.

All the fabrics used are chosen because they have a good UPF ( ultraviolet protection factor) rating and will allow the dog maximum comfort and flexibility when wearing the suit.

Getting a good fit is important to making the dog feel comfortable in their suit which is why we ask for so many measurements in our order form to make the suit. It is important that these measurements are as accurate as possible so we can get a really good fit.
Choosing the right fabric and style is also important to getting the right final product that will help your dog to be happy and healthy.(

How we work – T’s and C’s

While we guarantee to make the suit to the measurements provided, dogs, like people all vary in size and shape and getting the fit exactly right first time can sometimes be a little tricky. Making a one off garment for a dog we have never met requires accurate measurements and good communication with the purchaser.

When drafting the individual patterns, we will contact you if we think a measurement is not quite what it should be and ask for confirmation of that measurement. We would encourage you to supply a telephone number, so we can do this as quickly as possible.

We are more than happy to make minor adjustments for free to accommodate a good fit. The purchaser will however need to bear the cost of postage.

If we have made the mistake with a measurement, we will of course rectify this for free. This does require the garment to be returned to be checked. If it is clear that the mistake is ours we will of course reimburse any postage paid and rectify the mistake at no cost to the purchaser.

If it is shown that the measurements provided were inaccurate we may request an extra fee to rectify the problem.

Dogs, like people all vary in how they wear their clothes. Some are rougher than others.

While we will guarantee all stitching and fastenings in our product for six months, we cannot guarantee the wear and tear of the cotton lycra fabric for more than one month.
The fabrics are chosen for the comfort of the dog and any stretch fabric does have limitations when it comes to abrasion. Most suits last far longer than this but if a dog is rubbing on concrete or engaging in rough play with other dogs then we recommend the denim tough which will last longer.

Fequently Asked Questions

For Boys - The suits are designed with a hole placed in the appropriate place so that a dog can urinate when required.

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For girls – Female dog suits are cat away more at the back allowing for the female to urinate when required.

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To put the suit on your dog, simply place your dog’s front paws through the front arm holes and then do up the side clip on the collar.

Slip the back legs in and and do up the zip along the back of the dog.

If your dog wears a collar, you can attach the other hook and loop straps around the collar to help hold the suit in position.

These suits are made from the coolest fabrics we can find that still offer good protection from the sun. The SPF factor rating is usually 50+.

If you live in very hot or humid conditions you need to make sure your dog has access to plenty of water and shade. If the dog displays any signs of heat distress, remove the suit immediately. We believe these suits are suitable for most conditions.

This is a question we get asked more frequently these days. Some Insurance companies do seem to cover some of the cost of a suit but you will need to check with your Insurance provider and you will need to discuss this with your Vet.

Lets face it, It may well be a lot cheaper than paying for numerous operations and drugs if prevention and protection is an option.

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Contact allergies can make life pretty miserable for a dog causing very itchy and inflamed skin as this photo shows.By creating a barrier from the allergen, the suit can greatly relieve the symptoms and often owners find that the skin condition improves quite quickly.

With luck, if the allergy can be controlled with the use of the suit, there will be a possibility that the dog will no longer require medication to keep the condition under control. Always seek advice from your Vet as to what is appropriate for your dog.

All our fabrics are chosen because they have a good UPF Factor and are usually over UPF 50.

This is more than enough to protect a dog from skin cancers. Keeping the suit on during the hottest hours of the day will help protect the dog from such skin cancers.

Dogs with little pigmentation or fur particularly on their belly are the most at risk of skin damage from skin cancers.